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Sansa Enendera
Fashion designer

Sansa Enendera was born in 1985, the youngest daughter of Merry Pramono, who is well known among Muslim fashion entrepreneurs.  
When she graduated from Psychology Faculty University of Indonesia, she realized that her true passion is in the Fashion Industry.
She decided to deepen her knowledge of fashion by continuing her education at ESMOD.
Sansa is following in her mother’s footsteps in designing modest clothes and leading the team creating the latest designs for “Si.Se.Sa”.,
the modest Muslim fashion label in Indonesia established in 2011.
A sharp instinct about fashion trends, especially Muslim fashion, has been passed down from mother to daughter.
Almost of all Si.Se.Sa.’s collections that she has created have become trend setters in Syar’i Fashion. *1
Now Syar’i fashion has become a new trend that is fresher, more trendy and stylish, even though it still follows the rules of Syar’i.
*1 A type of Muslim fashion that covers up to the chest and the wrist and conforms to the Islamic law.

Feelings Toward Fashion


Fashion is about expressing ourselves. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.
But as a muslim, we choose to follow certain rules to express ourselves. Therefore, we are always inspired by a famous quote from fashion's greatest influencer:
“ I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.” — Coco Chanel
Si.Se.Sa. is a Muslim brand which consistently creates new trends of long hijabs & dresses. So we make our own fashion trend. We want women to wear modest clothing that is very practical and still can look fashionable at the same time.
Practical because we can easily pray with the long hijabs; and fashionable by mixing details around the hijabs & dress.

Favorite YKK Product

Our favorite YKK products are the CONCEAL® zipper and metal zipper (aluminium).
Supporting nursing moms by producing a dress with a front-open zipper to make it easier during breast-feeding has been the first line.
CONCEAL® zipper is also used as the open part on the Khimar (long veil).

Metal zippers are the oldest type of zipper.
YKK offers various metals such as: golden brass, nickel, aluminum, and manganese.

CONCEAL® is an invisible zipper where you can not see the element. It does not disturb the garments design so it is best suited for dresses and skirts.

Introduction of works Utilizing Zippers

These are "RIMBA" collection by Si.Se.Sa., from Jakarta Fashion Week 2018.  "RIMBA" means forest that flows with nature.
Metal zippers (aluminium) are mostly used for RIMBA collection. 
These zipper also give strong image of RIMBA collection, which is combine beauty and forest image of nature


▼  Si.Se.Sa. (External link)


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