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Fastening Experience

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The communication slogan in the YKK Group’s Asia (ASEAN, South Asia, Korea, Taiwan and Oceania) region is “Not an image, a message.” As one of its core activities, YKK Indonesia opened the first “Fastening Experience®” at Cimanggis factory to convey the YKK brand and to produce future YKK fans on November 22nd, 2006. This facility is an important place to communicate with end users and local people for YKK Indonesia.
At Fastening Experience®, you can feel the value of the YKK® brand, such as reliability and safety, through a sensory experience of our major products, including zippers, snaps & buttons, and textiles & plastic parts. The basic premise of the Fastening Experience is that YKK® products are used around the world not only for garments or baggage, but also for many unusual applications, from space to underground to the bottom of the ocean. This idea includes environmental activities.


Design & Function

With collaboration from Nomura Kougei, Fastening Experience® has five areas that are beautifully and uniquely designed. Such a sensatory experience reinforces the reliability and confidence of the YKK® brand.

Welcome Zone:
 Visitors get a special first impression because “Excella®”, one of YKK’s best products, are used for the wall decoration.
Multifunction Hall:
Two kinds of video programs are available. One is an explanation of YKK’s overall production system. The other explains YKK’s environmental activities conducted in each area based on the company’s spirit of "localism."
Business Meeting Room:
Where 50+ product samples are displayed to support business meetings by a customer type, segment, etc.
Experience Zone - Usual usage:
 The first area shows various fastening products in familiar usage such as zippers, Quicklon®, and snaps & buttons.
Experience Zone - Unusual usage:
 The second area explains some unusual usages of YKK fastening technology, such as oil fences, soft tanks, space suits, and emergency units. This section aims to offer a better understanding of our products’ functionality and characteristics by showing hands-on displays and physical experiences, such as "Zipper Strength Experience" and "Quicklon® Attack."



There are two sessions available (Morning and/or Afternoon) in 5 working days. The program for children is conducted with three different activities.
-Hands on experience zone
-Factory tour
-Workshop circle

These three activities are linked and convey the power of design and manufacturing.
The workshop program is quite unique. Using a fastening product, you can experience a workshop of design and creativity that only YKK can present. We have seven kinds of workshops available:
- Design Contest
- Quicklon® Picture Story Show
- Snap Bangle
- Fun Strap
- Zip Chain Bangle
- Fastening Magic
- Simple Snap Bangle
These programs offer children the opportunity to experience YKK® products’ sensory value.
*Please contact us for more details:  fastening_experience@ykk.co.id

Also, please check out the video below.



Location and Hours

【Location】JI. Raya Jakarta Bogor Km 29, Cimanggis Depok 16451 Indonesia
【Opening Hours】
  *By appointment only (please email to fastening_experience@ykk.co.id
 Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm 
   Saturday – Sunday: Close

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Phone: +62-21-8710641
Email: fastening_experience@ykk.co.id
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