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About YKK


YKK’s functional products strive to improve customers’ and consumers’ performance as much as possible.
Testing the limit of buckle lightness, so you can test yours
YKK has developed an “Ultra Lightweight Buckle” which pursues weight reduction in order to support the enduring dynamism of trail run athletes.

Ultra Lightweight Buckle

 A stretchable zipper designed to stretch records
Triathlon athletes are concerned about extending their record even a little, and YKK would like to help with our stretchable fastener SOFLEX®.



YKK also makes excellent use of craftsmanship for customers who are particular about the details of design.
Our craftsmanship, Unleash your craftsmanship 
YKK would like to support the world of apparel with our industrial craftsmanship. Among our products, YKK’s EXCELLA® zipper best fuses a passion for quality with luxurious dresses.


Our craftsmanship, Unleash your craftsmanship
Answering industrial craftsmanship with YKK craftsmanship.


We aim to support the quality of life with the quality of YKK. Experience the durability of high-quality YKK products.
Amazingly tough zippers
Designed with jeans fabrics, this piece is a manifestation of YKK’s pursuit of quality. The zipper used here is YZiP®.


Zippers made to last
Like the statue of David, which has continued to be loved for the past 500 years, we want to build a quality level that will allow you to use our products for many years.



As a leader in the fastening industry, YKK provides products that use environmentally friendly processes and materials.
Safely with you always
There is no compromising on quality in the name of efficiency or profits. Based on this belief, at YKK we make a point of only using safe raw materials that have passed our own stringent standards.


Putting a sustainable touch on what we create
YKK cares deeply about our environmental footprint. That’s why our product lines include “small parts” with a big impact on sustainability, such as zippers made from recycled materials. Please take a look at our eco-friendly product line up.



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