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Precautions on Plastic Hardware Use

Precautions on Plastic Hardware Use

Carefully read the following information so you can make the best and safest use of our fastening products.

YKK goes to great lengths to maintain the quality and safety of our products while making sure they are comfortable for our customers to use.

Our sales staff is prepared to assist you in all stages of your product development projects from planning to setting up specifications. Feel free to consult with them at any time.


  1. Our plastic hardware is developed for luggage, bags and apparel. If you use our product for any specialized use, and especially for one of the applications listed below, please contact your YKK sales representative,
    1. personal flotation devices (PFD), baby carriers (baby sling) or any other applications which are subject to particular standards,
    2. stretchers, safety belts or any applications which are for weight-bearing,
    3. child seats, wheelchairs, or any applications for use to reduce movement,
    4. hard hats or any applications which provide safety features.
    5. If you intend to sell our plastic hardware to retailers or directly to consumers, please contact us in advance.
    The above list is provided by way of example and is not intended to be exhaustive. We cannot guarantee that a product is suitable for a particular application therefore you should always conduct your own tests.
  2. Once our products are attached to other items, there may be approved ways to pack, store or ship them in order to ensure their continued high quality. For example, buckles should be correctly combined in order to avoid deformation breakage or detachment.


When using our products you should

  1. choose the right fastener for your application from our product line. Your YKK sales representative can help you understand the variety of our products, their sizes, strengths and specifications.
  2. select plastic hardware that is the appropriate size for the tape in your application.
  3. refrain from using plastic hardware that has been exposed to or is covered in dirt of any sort. Product damage or malfunction may arise if the plastic hardware is not clean.
  4. refrain from using plastic and metal parts in one unit because of the potential for product abrasion.
  5. refrain from using goods left outdoors for a long time, exposure to the sun and other elements may cause product discoloration and/or quality deterioration.
  6. avoid using items that have been in contact with or near a heat source. Heat may cause product deformation and/or quality deterioration.
  7. refrain from using goods that have been in direct or indirect contact with chemicals. Check for residual chemicals on all parts of plastic hardware whether applied by YKK or coming from another source.
  8. refrain from using a product in a position that is subject to pressure, impact, or abrasion or other condition where product deformation and/or damage may result
  9. only make your choice of YKK® product after adequate checks have been made. The strength of YKK® products depend on the materials used; the texture; the thickness of webbing; the position of the weld line and other factors which you will need to take into account. For further information please contact your YKK ® sales representative.

Recommendations for using YKK® Buckles

  1. When fastening a buckle, insert the plug straight into the intended socket until you hear a clicking sound indicating the two parts are interlocking. Next lightly pull on both parts to confirm that they have been completely fastened.Incomplete fastening may result in product deformation and damage to any article attached to the buckle especially if the plug comes loose from the socket. If the two parts cannot be fastened together, check again for any foreign material. Do not try to force the plug into the socket.
  2. Buckles should not be used in positions where they will be put under external pressure.
  3. Recommendations
    All plastic material deteriorates over time. Buckles that have been used for a long time should be checked for damage, cracks, deformations and abrasions before each use. If any abnormalities are found, stop using them immediately. Use in such circumstances may cause further product damage and/or malfunctions.
  4. Completely remove any foreign materials including dust, sand or mud from buckles before use.
  5. Situations which involve the application of excessive pressure or impact force to a plastic fastener as for example when it is stepped on, struck or thrown, will result in a lowering of performance.
  6. We will not be held responsible for damage to the buckles, or unauthorized modification of buckles.

Material Properties

  1. All our products are limited by the properties and qualities of the materials used.
  2. Some products have a weld mark (the line of a bonded surface). The mark is not a defect, damage or crack. Please check the product carefully before using.

YKK is not responsible for any defects, injuries or damages caused by the misuse/misapplication or remodeling of our products.

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