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Universal Fashion

Testing Methods

Inspired by ideas that came out of the universal design fashion symposium, our guest designers used YKK universal design products to design clothes that are easy to use for everyone. The resulting pieces showcase the designers' ideas and philosophies.

Guest Designers and thier universal design

Aya Suzuki, designer, Atelier Esprit Robe

I focused on the fact that wheelchair users have a particularly hard time changing when out and about, and how some people use plastic bags to protect their legs when it rains. I created a one-piece dress where part of the garment can be removed by a pull of a zipper, which enables the wearer to quickly change their look. I also created a piece that can quickly serve as rainwear when unzipped. I can see these methods being used on all kinds of clothing.

   Product Used: click-TRAK®

click-TRAK® is used on the front of poncho top.

Takafumi Tsuruta, designer, tenbo

Title: Milky Way
I set out to design a cute one-piece dress that kids will readily take a liking to. As well, I added the condition that it could be worn by girls who only had the use of one hand. I used click-TRAK as the zipper, and made the ring pull slider to help as much as possible with the fastening and unfastening process. It also makes it easier for family members if they are helping the child get dressed. As well as the focus on the wearer's physical limitations, I worked on making the piece look fashionable. Extra material on the sleeves drapes over the wearer, and the shirring on the back gives the dress a feminine touch. It comes in a one-size-fits-all design to match different body types. A design can't be considered "universal" if only certain people can wear it, so I also focused on that aspect. I'm convinced anyone can wear this dress. The design includes a shoulder pouch and zippers can be used to adjust the size. I reversed the zipper lock function so it can serve as a shoulder strap. I paid close attention throughout to fashion considerations. For example, the slider of the two-way zipper on the dress pouch is made the same color as the print pattern. I created the piece in the hope that putting the dress on would feel like slipping into the Milky Way itself, and make the wearer feel like she was glittering like the stars. .

   Product Used: click-TRAK® and Ringpulls

click-TRAK® is used on the front of a dress.
Ring pulls are easier for many users from kids to adults.

Kazuki Fujii, designer, bajra

Title: "play on life"
Expresses enjoyment of life 
People who interact lightly and easily from day to day .
On the blouson jacket, the sleeve zippers can be opened and closed to adjust for the temperature and the silhouette can be changed, too. It can also be worn without the sleeves.
The slits on the skirt can be changed by opening and closing the zipper.

   Product Used: click-TRAK®
click-TRAK® is used on the front.
 Product Used: Excella®

® is used on the shoulder.

Yuto Doya, director, CLOUDY

Throughout the era of African slavery, the slaves themselves asserted their claim to sound, dance, and color. The very expressiveness and rich colors of traditional African fabrics represent African strength, love, solidarity, and hope. Assertiveness, expressiveness and hope belong to all the races of the world, and to celebrate this, I designed this single piece with a clicking mechanism. The CLOUDY concept is "enjoy life on cloudy days". This single-piece AFRICLICK helps the wearer to stay positive and banish those feelings of anxiety and negativity to which we can all fall prey.

   Product Used: click-TRAK®
click-TRAK® is used on the front.

Affiliation and titles are as of May 2018.
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