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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

 Chemical Management

YKK Restricted Substance List

In recent years, the impact of chemicals used in the supply chain on human health and the environment is gaining greater attention.
YKK is working to eliminate hazardous chemicals from the manufacturing process and has created “YKK RSL,” which is referenced from OEKO-TEX ® and the Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) of Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC). By 2020, YKK aims to eliminate the following major substances.

Chemical Group Utilization
1 Surfactant Product Detergent,
Degreasing Cleaning
2 Halogenated Solvents Paint remover
3 Organic Tin Compound Rail Fastener,
Reinforcement Film
4 PFC`s,Perfluorinated Compounds Water Repellent for AquaGuard®
5 Phthalates PROSEAL®、PVC tape、Plating、Chip for VISLON®
6 Heavy Metals Plating
7 Other banned dyestuffs Coloring agent
8 PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) Painting,
acrylic resin coating
9 VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Painting,
Plating clear

Manufacturing Sustainability

ECO-DYE® (Waterless Zipper Dyeing Technology)

Eco dye rose

Dyes are indispensable elements for providing the apparel industry with colors and levels of brightness.
In order to attain this level of brightness, vast quantities of water have to be used in the dyeing process, and because this involves the subsequent disposal of waste water containing chemical properties, it could potentially cause environmental pollution.
As a part of our environmental activities, YKK has developed ECO-DYE® technology that—utilizing supercritical fluid dyeing (“SFD”) technology—allows the reduction of the amount of water used in the zipper dyeing process to almost zero.
This technology enables us to manufacture the same high-quality products while reducing the burden on the environment.

Environment-friendly Finish (Snap Fastener Finishing Technology)

Elements Finish

YKK's original finishing technology for Snap Fastener Buttons is environmental friendly, which utilizes the base color of materials and does not involve an electrical plating process.

By not employing an electrical plating process, it is possible to reduce the amount of water and electricity without using hazardous substances such as heavy metals.
By switching from the electrical plating process, we are able to save about 3,600 kWh(*) per 1,000kg of our products. *3,600 kWh = Average electricity consumption per family for 20 days

Sustainable Products

Along with the above sustainable production, YKK will continue developing and introducing sustainable products. NATULON®, Organic Cotton and plant-based zippers are some of our representative sustainable products.



NATULON® zippers are a resource-conserving, recycling-oriented product made from PET bottles, old fiber and other polyester remnants. It is the result of a double-layered development system using both chemical and material recycling.

This manufacturing process was carefully designed to reduce negative influences on the environment such as energy consumption, CO2 emission, the use of crude oil and the production of industrial waste. A wise use of resources is vital; it has been predicted that many resources may run out in the future.


NATULON® Chemically Recycled Zipper

NATULON® zippers made from chemically recycled polyester (post consumer), it is perpetually recyclable. Through our NATULON® fastening products, we have reduced the need for new materials by employing the most advanced chemical recycling technology.

bluesign approved

Certain conditions must be met for bluesign® approved products.
Please contact your nearest YKK office for bluesign® approved product inquiries.

NATULON® Material Recycled Zipper

NATULON® zippers are designed for customers who want to increase the recycled content of their products. They are made from recycled materials (such an PET bottles) using material recycling technologies.

bluesign approved

Certain conditions must be met for bluesign® approved products.
Please contact your nearest YKK office for bluesign® approved product inquiries.

Organic Cotton


Recognizing the importance of earth-friendly materials, YKK also develops products made from organic materials. For example, fasteners made out of organically grown cotton help to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals in agriculture. Count on YKK to continue developing earth-friendly products that help to harmonize human lifestyles with the natural environment.

             Organic Cotton

            Organic Cotton


Plant-based zippers

YKK Corporation has developed a fresh idea leading to an innovative way to make zippers using plant-based material.
YKK will market these zippers based on our sense of social responsibility to contribute to the global environment through our products.
We use a safe and secure plant-based material whose raw component is molasses, a byproduct in the manufacturing of sugar.



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