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Power Tools and Fasteners - offers a large selection of online ... Really enjoy this website and the ease of ordering online with great discounts. Power Tools | Cheap Power Tools | makita power tools | cordless power tools - Cheap power tools

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Home and garden products from Water Butts to Bathrooms.

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Welcome to

--- For all your DIY power tools and Industrial Tools ---

Powertools4 is a fast growing online shop for all types of differnet tools. These range from basic every day hand tools such as DIY electric screwdrivers and cordless drills to typical garage equipment such as bench grinders and drill presses.

We also have an excellent line of industrial tools and machinery made from top manufactures such as Clarke, Makita, and Reme.

So whether you are looking for Woodworking tools, Metalwork Tools or Construction tools we have what you need.

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If you need to order multiple items (5+) or a large quantity of an item then you can either phone us on 0871 200 2082 or email us

Power Tools

Metalwork Power Tools

Woodwork Power Tools

Power Washers & Steamers

Bench Grinder Drill Presses

Drill Presses and Magnetic Drilling Systems

Domestic Power Washers

Domestic Power Washers

Drill Presses Table top Saws

Table Saws and Workshop Saws

Heavy Duty Power Washers

Metal Cutters Belt Sanders

Belt Sanders

Petrol Driven Pressure Washer

Petrol and Diesel Driven Power Washers

Metal Lathes Dust Extractor

Dust Extractors

Hot Washer and Steam sleaner

Hot Washers and Steam Cleaners

    Wood Lathes

Wood Lathes



Power Tools




DIY Jigsaws

Multimeters & Tachometers

Multimeters and Tachometers



Work Lighting

Work Lights


Belt Sander

PRO Cordless Drills and Drivers    

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