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Timber Tools: Power tools and hand tools for timber framing, log building, carpentery and boat building - Cheap power tools
Timber tools

Tools for Timber Framing and Log Building

Work more efficiently with the best specialty power tools and high quality hand tools for timber framing, boat building, carpentry and log building.

Shop Online or Call Toll-Free to Order

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Timber Framing Power Tools:

SwissPRO Chain MortiserFind a SwissPRO or HEMA Chain Mortiser, Chain Slotter , hand-held Portable Band Saw or Chain Beam Saw - Essential power tools with European engineering for your carpentry or timber frame construction projects.

Hand Forged Tools

Hand forged chiselsHand forged chisels, slicks, flarens and other wood cutting tools with incredible edge holding capability from our own BUFFALO TOOL FORGE have been enthusiastically embraced by our customers. We are aiming to forge about 1000 new tools this year.

The remarkable Belgian Blue and Ardennes Coticule whetstones will keep your tools sharpened to a fine edge.

The Best in Automatic and Computer-Controlled Woodworking Machines

Old woodworking products - and we mean old in the nicest way - include:

  • Land Ark Wood Finishes - an old tyme, all natural wood finish. Spray on, brush on or rub in by hand to reduce undue checking of green timber.
  • whetstonesBelgian whetstones - superb sharpening stones used and treasured since the days of the Romans.

Whether you're a log builder, timber framer, boat builder or carpenter, our power tools, hand tools and services will make your job easier and more efficient.

If you find more knowledgeable service or lower prices elsewhere on any quoted item, let us know!

NEW! Shop in US Dollars or Canadian Dollars! See currency switcher top right.

Canadians! Save on foreign exchange fees! This shop now bills your credit card directly in Canadian Dollars if $CAD is selected.

We would also be happy to take your order over the phone. Please call us toll-free: 1-800-350-8176.

"I just received my order from you for two (Doublecut) auger bits, a ¾" x 12" and a 1¼" x 12". The delivery was exceptionally fast which I appreciate very much. I have just drilled holes with them and can not believe how wonderful they work. Easy and fast as well as perfect smooth holes in the hardwood. These are the best that I have ever used. Thank you for the fast service and the excellent product. I will recommend you to all of my associates and friends."
~ J.P., NY


The remarkable LignaTool.

This template system makes cutting dovetail mortises and tenons with a router quick and easy, as if you had a CNC machine, but much cheaper.
Lignatool mortise and tenon template
We are extremely impressed with the intelligent design, quality and safety features of this system.

Double cut timber augerDouble-Cut:
the world's best timber auger.

Double-cut features both the cleanest drillhole and two tough-wearing edges.

Recently one of our customers drilled 6000 holes with two 1-1/16" 18" bits, before replacing them! Available in 18" and 24" lengths, also various extensions up to 24" in length are available.

NEW, now available: 12" length!

Even if you paid more, you wouldn't get a better mortiser!
Now available in 110V!
SwissPRO Chain Mortiser
SwissPRO KSP-16 Chain Mortiser
Rugged and ergonomic, designed for the North American timber framer and made in Switzerland!

chain mortiserAnd its smaller cousin, the Swiss KSL-161 chain mortiser.

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